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What is child sponsorship?

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A child sponsor is someone like you who has made the decision to personally invest in the life of a child in need. War, drought, famine and disease have left thousands of children orphaned or in extreme poverty. As a child sponsor, your monthly gift will enable your child to access basic needs such as nutritious food, healthcare, clothing, education, social skills development, etc.

When you become a child sponsor, two lives are changed forever. Your sponsorship can help your child to develop a sense of confidence and self-worth with the love you express through letters and prayers. This is because the child gets to know that besides his or her biological family there is someone else who cares and can provide for his or her basic needs.

VOCORI ensures that there is a real connection between you and the specific child you support. The child you sponsor will know your name, write to you and benefit directly from your monthly sponsorship. Your life shall be changed forever because of the great joy of seeing the positive development changes in your child as he or she grows up. This will touch you, due to the fact of the significant role you have played in his or her development.


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