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Women have a tendency to spend most of their increased earnings on food, medicine and education for their children and other dependants. Therefore improving women’s income brings about equity and is a pre-requisite for child survival and welfare. Due to this VOCORI focuses on vulnerable children and their mothers. Non-formal training in basic skills, can lead to empowerment of  marginalised and impoverished groups.

  • To give financial, social and moral support to child-headed households. Fund for vocational training programs in trades such as hair dressing, carpentry, tailoring, basic business training and offer micro loans to those interested in developing small enterprises.
  • To support projects committed to share the burden of orphans and those who care for them. This will be facilitated by recruiting, motivating and training many community members to get involved.
  • To be self-sufficient is a weapon to shake off the clutches of poverty. VOCORI  seeks to promote non- formal training and education for mothers to enhance  income generating skills, small scale trades, literacy, numeracy, health awareness.
  • To train ill equipped orphans for adult responsibilities such as cooking, hygiene, budgeting, agriculture, basic medical care.
  • To encourage and help the formation of self- help groups and small groups, which gives women a chance to  undertake incoming earning activities.
  • To devise ways to free women’s time from: walking long distances to draw water, collecting firewood, working on small family land, babysitting. This is to give them time to advance themselves.
  • Work to tackle the underlying causes of poverty, by influencing the decision makers in governments and institutions to put pro-poor growth policies in place, basic needs of the poor to be highlighted in the provision of public services - ‘Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves’ .

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