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Poverty reduction

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To allleviate poverty we target the following:
  • VOCORI aims to alleviate poverty by working in partnership with poor people through the leaders they have voted, local churches, Christian agencies, women groups, youth leaders.
  • Through a people’s approach, by working with the representatives of the poor, who encourage communities to come up with initiatives to shape their own future.
  • VOCORI intends to work with the children, by giving them an opportunity to participate in any decisions or policies which affect their welfare, quality of life and future. Form children’s forums or centres where they can express their views on all kinds of issues and talk about their problems.
  • Work with the orphans by training a group of them, give them skills and confidence which they need to become positive role models and agents for change in their own communities as they in turn will train other orphans.
Powerty Reduction

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