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Advancement of education

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Under education VOCORI undertakes:
  • Mobilize communities and partnerships with them for basic education for all the children.  
  • A child - to - child powered survey project to interview out of school children to find out the major reasons why they are not enrolled.
  •  Out of school education for children and young people, such as games, sports and leisure activities which are usually poorly provided for.
  • Attach vocational training to existing primary schools, for children to develop their technical competence. Skills offered should be the kind that are in demand in specific areas. Contract with existing  artisans in the community to take on a few students as apprentices for a period of time to teach them the skills.
  • Advocate for every school and church to have counsellors, who specialise in children’s issues, in whom children can confide in their day - to - day lives.
  • Advocate for creation of child rights’ clubs in schools and in communities, with more highlights on orphan and vulnerable children.
  •  Carry out research projects: on child poverty and its effects, the impact of macroeconomic policies on children and their families, understanding factors behind school attendance, child labour and child education, links between mothers and child poverty.
  • Research on the impact and remedies of AIDS epidemic on families with focus on orphans and the African economies at large.

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