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Sanitation and water fund

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Lack of safe water and sanitation remains one of the world’s most urgent health issues. High child mortality rates are in most cases caused by diarrhoea, a deadly child killer disease next to malnutrition, it accounts for more deaths in children under five years of age than other causes of death such as pneumonia, malaria and HIV/AIDS combined. Over 90 percent of diarrhoea deaths are attributed to poor hygiene, sanitation and unsafe drinking water.

The lack of water affects the primary schooling of girls. Girls miss school because they must spend hours fetching water for their families. Women are known to daily spend valuable time walking long distances to fetch contaminated water for bathing, cooking and drinking. Sanitation and water fund project intends to install water wells in a central location so people can have clean, safe water in their vicinity to carry home. We also plan to construct acceptable pit latrines in individual homes falling within VOCORI’s projects. Your contribution to this fund will enable families to access clean water and acceptable sanitation. This will reduce child mortality rates from waterborne diseases, allow girl children to go to school without interruption and give women time to engage in productive activities that will benefit them, their families and their communities at large.

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