Feed the multitudes



Africa represents approximately a quarter of the world’s population experiencing chronic hunger and malnutrition. There is rising percentages of child malnutrition which is known to cause two thirds of child deaths. Hunger, poverty and disease are interlinked, with each contributing to the presence and persistence of the other two. In Africa hunger kills more children than the infectious diseases HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis put together. Thus to relief the suffering of children does not stop at only sponsoring their education among others but requires to focus on all children’s needs which are interrelated.

You can help in eradicating hunger, poverty and disease by donating towards feeding the multitudes. We are seeking for funds to buy a piece of land to use as a demonstration farm which will be used to train farmers particularly women and youths sustainable farming practices. Emphasise will be on horticultural farming to produce nutritious food to distribute to the landless women and undernourished children. The fight against malnutrition must involve women because mother’s poverty and their malnourished status are passed onto their children either at the foetal stage or through lactation.

Feed the moltitutes