Donate agricultural tools




Child headed households and other poor families have no access to improved seeds, fertilizers pesticides and farming implements because they have no cash needed to purchase these inputs. Lack of appropriate technology has led to low production which is predominantly labor intensive, with most of the farm work being reliant on family and child labor. Your donation towards agricultural tools will enable these families to put their land to maximum use and thereby increase their yields, which will not only bring about food security but at the same time the surplus will be sold to earn an income.



 You can donate agricultural tools

Agriculture (immediate and long term solutions).

Farming programs- Demonstration farm where farmers will be trained proper farming techniques like crop rotation, irrigation, food storage and horticulture- this applies mostly to child-headed households. And the nutritious food produced from the farm will be distributed to the impoverished families to counteract malnutrition. Animal management training will also be done on the demonstration farm- veterinary skills, building of sheds, planting of trees and grass. It is hoped that livestock will eventually be given to the community-cows, goats, sheep, poultry, ducks. The benefits of livestock are milk, wool, draft power, eggs etc. Those receiving the animal gift will be expected to in turn become donors, by giving an offspring to a needy family and the circle carries on. Rural development programs aimed at teenagers like: Micro-financing for non-labor intensive means of raising income like raising bees and selling small items.