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Corporate Partnership

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Partnering with VOCORI

Why partner with VOCORI?

A company that supports a cause or a social issue that most people care about such as relieving the suffering of children living in poverty, creates a more positive image for itself. And the compelling cause at the heart of VOCORI is helping children in need. Thus partnering with VOCORI implies being part of reaching out to the children in need. This is an unique opportunity to demonstrate to your customers, shareholders and staff that you are a socially responsible organisation. It will raise awareness of the company’s values to both your customers and your staff. Uniting behind a common cause encourages loyalty to an organisation and motivates staff to reach a common target



Elements of a Corporate Partnership:

Direct Donations:

Companies can make contributions for any amount to support our mission or a specific program. Your donations can make a real difference to the work of VOCORI whether it is made on a one time basis or multiple annual sponsorship. If you choose to fund a specific project, we will send you regular updates on how the project is benefiting from your support

Cause-Related Marketing Promotions:

With this type of promotion, a percentage of a company’s product revenues are donated to VOCORI

Consumer Donations:

Retailers can enable their customers to add a contribution to their purchases. When merchandised at point-of-sale and throughout the organization, these programs successfully generate customer and employee goodwill.



Whatever your business is, there is a good chance you can help us achieve our goals simply by donating gifts in kind, which are a company's excess inventory donated to assist those in need.

Fundraise at work:

Employee Involvement:

Organising fundraising events is one of the ways you can get involved with VOCORI at work.


Through sponsorship, matching gift or payroll deduction programs,etc. In addition to the ways of involving employess, companies can donate funds or services through their foundation.