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Clothing and shelter

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Some families, especially the elderly grandmothers turned mothers and childheaded households have no means to put up a basic shelter. Some live in grass and mud, single rooms for all their life. Those dwelling in rundown grass thatched mud huts experience more problems during the rainy season whereby they are dredged by the heavy downpours. Children living in an environment of poor shelter conditions such as in crowded homes are more susceptible to pneumonia. Pneumonia is a major child killer disease associated with breathing complications. Poor shelter indirectly affects a child’s education through poor health and directly through- lack of a comfortable quite space at home which can cause children to have difficulties in studying and reading and thereby affect their performance at school.

Join hands with VOCORI to provide shelter for children and their families who have no means.
With your contribution, these families can have simple but safe two rooms’ structures with corrugated metal roofs and concrete floors (at a cost of under £ 1,500) that will last far much longer.

These families can hardly afford to live on £15 a month, this implies to build a stable shelter is beyond their imaginations. Your contribution will enable a family to have a shelter of their own and be free from the worries of rainy season and other problems arising from lack of shelter or poor shelter conditions.

Several children, as well as their families hardly have any clothing, some are as good as naked while others have tattered clothing. VOCORI will provide 'used' clothing purchased at low prices locally to give to those without any clothing. Your small contribution will end up clothing one child or an entire family. We opt for buying used clothing locally to cut on costs entailed with shipping, etc.