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VOCORI works with children, families, communities and sponsors with the object of improving the well-being of children and their communities. We work in partnership with children, their families and the communities at large in targeting poverty reduction through child-focused development programmes. We believe this strategy brings on board long lasting results to the benefit of all the players.


Who would be a father, a mother to me? Would you be like her/his father/mother?

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How does child sponsorship work?
By becoming a parent to any of these little ones, you will make a difference to their lives. You can change a child’s future through your help to provide water, food, education, health care and community to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of a child otherwise condemned to a life of poverty. Your contribution will thus support the desired development in the communities where the sponsored children live. Sponsored children are both participants and beneficiaries of these programmes.

We encourage sponsors and children to build a relationship by writing to each other on a regular basis. We therefore hope your life will also be changed and enriched as you receive photographs, letters, or drawings from your sponsored child and from the fact that you have responded positively to a child crying out for a mother/father.

You have the power to provide hope. Start changing a child’s life today.


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